You are invited to a film showing on The Chikukwa Project at the Alliance Francaise, Harare, on Friday 16th May from 2pm.

The film was made by Australian Researcher Terrance Leahy (University of Newcastle) and his sister, filmmaker Gillian Leahy (University of Technology, Sydney) and looks at the CELUCT agricultural project which has been evolving in the Chikukwa villages of Chimanimani in response to land degradation issues such as deforestation and soil erosion which severely threatened food security in the area in the 1990s. Today, the landscape of the area is transformed with all six villages (7000 people) of the Chikukwa clan using a permaculture strategy for natural resource management, agricultural production and social design founded on participatory engagement of the community. While focussing on food and nutrition security through sustainable agricultural practices, the project also addresses gender, education, HIV/AIDS psyco-social support and community peace-building. 

Terrance Leahy will be available to answer questions about the film.

Please circulate this invitation widely.